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November/December 2023


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We’re in the homestretch of the year, and that brings us, once again, to our awards issue. The 2023 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism (who collectively brought in nearly $1 billion), are not only a great refresher course on all of the reasons we do what we do in this industry, they’re an inspiration to persevere and innovate. Together, event owners show us not just power and strength but determination and resourcefulness. It is, after all, with all of these qualities that economies benefit, memories are made and champions are born.

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Case Study: How One City Makes Each Event Unique

BY: John Blust

Each year, thousands of athletes nationwide pack up their bags and head out to various destinations for sporting competitions, all in pursuit of excellence. But what does it take to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for competition to make a city feel fresh year after year and keep athletes and their families coming back? Here are some tips. more....