March/April 2023 | Sports Destination Management

March/April 2023


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March/April 2023

We’re heading into the spring season, and the March/April issue has everything you need to get started on your most successful year yet. From coverage of soccer, golf, swimming and diving (and the fast-growing discipline of 3x3 basketball) to business topics like drafting a proposal, making a medical plan and evaluating lodging options, learning is packed into every page. Plus, our Industry Leadership article is a who’s who of stellar contacts in the sports tourism space. You’ll want to keep this issue around for reference as you position yourself for a win.

In this issue

Medical Support: Best Strategies for Event Organizers

BY: Dr. Bonnie Tiell

Everyone saw the importance of onsite medical care during sports events when Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field. Immediately, parents began pushing for AEDs and CPR-trained staff at all venues. In the large scheme, however, how should event owners create a medical support plan and what should it include? more....