January/February 2015 | Sports Destination Management

January/February 2015


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January/February 2015

Forget about those promises that start when the clock strikes midnight and end at 12:01 -- make a resolution now to start 2015 the right way. Throughout the year, Sports Destination Management has the tools you’ll need to work smarter, learn more and wow your clientele. And it all starts here and now.

In this issue, for example, you will learn to craft a bid package that showcases your event to its best advantage. Want more? You can learn to promote your event through targeted social media strategies. Think beyond the Like button and kickstart your campaign. And what do you know about live-streaming events? Whatever your knowledge base is, you’re about to broaden it.

We’ll be covering the basketball facilities you just might be seeing this March and discussing all the trends shaping winter events. There’s a special emphasis on the facilities of the Northeast region – hint: it’s more than snow. There is also great information on how BMX and skateboard events are gearing up for warm weather.

What else? How about Destination Spotlights and Location Event Reviews to help you learn more about specific destinations? And don’t miss the special section highlighting up-and-coming areas for sports. Learn about the cities and facilities that are new on the radar, the ones that have been improved and revamped, and the long-time favorites that are still packing the teams in. Get started by clicking now!

In this issue

Going ‘Extreme’ With Skateboarding and BMX Events

BY: Michael Popke

Once labeled extreme and edgy, skateboard and BMX are moving into the mainstream as cities increasingly offer facilities to challenge and excite athletes. What are some of the latest trends and how can cities harness them to attract even more athletes? Find out here. more....