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Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is a media relations consultant adept at increasing the visibility of his clients, primarily architecture firms specializing in sports, recreation, healthcare and public safety buildings. A Connecticut native who lives in Madison, Wisconsin, Andrew has been honored with an ASBPE National Gold award and two Milwaukee Press Club awards during a writing and editing career spanning more than 25 years in both the business-to-business and consumer markets. He founded AC Media in 2013.

Case study | July 22, 2016
Beauty of the Beach   

By: Andrew Cohen

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, isn’t built on sand. Don’t get us wrong: 60 miles of beach is a huge asset...more >>

Article | July 21, 2016
All Over the Map - Destinations in the Southeast Can Do a Little (or a Lot) of Everything   

By: Andrew Cohen

The Southeast is characterized by a subtropical climate yet still features wintry mountainous regions. Its sports offerings are similarly varied,...more >>

Article | May 23, 2016
Mid-Atlantic Destinations: The Most on the Coast   

By: Andrew Cohen

Need a destination that has good access by air, highway and oftentimes, even water? The Mid-Atlantic region has a variety of sites, and those sites...more >>

Article | March 2, 2016
Peaks and Valleys - Sports Tourism is Fueling Economic Growth in the Mountain Region of the U.S.   

By: Andrew Cohen

To attract athletes and their families from across the United States, many western cities have successfully marketed sports facilities, indoor and...more >>

Article | December 23, 2015
Northeastern Exposure: Big Events and Bigger Facilities are Driving Resurgence in Sports from Delaware North to the Cape   

By: Andrew Cohen

The great Northeastern region of the U.S. offers planners multiple opportunities for sports. Whether these play out in a pool, on a river, on a...more >>

Article | November 3, 2015
Midwest Sports Mania - The Nation’s Midsection Hosts a Lot More than Football — Although There’s Plenty of That, Too   

By: Andrew Cohen

The Midwest's reputation as football country masks a much larger slate of options. Yes, Canton, Ohio, is pro football's Mesopotamia, but then,...more >>

Article | August 25, 2015
Southwest/Pacific: A Wide-Open Approach   

By: Andrew Cohen

In an area marked by wide-open vistas, stunning landscapes and endless natural beauty, some of the best locations for sporting events are waiting for...more >>

Article | June 18, 2015
Southeast Spectacular   

By: Andrew Cohen

The Southeast region of the U.S. has long held a strong appeal to planners of outdoor events, for good reason. The area is easy to access, has...more >>

Article | April 28, 2015
Mid-Atlantic: Anything But Middle of the Road   

By: Andrew Cohen

The mid-Atlantic region is anything but middle-of-the-road; in fact, it’s spectacular. The region, which includes Maryland, New Jersey,...more >>

Article | February 16, 2015
Mountain Region: How the West Is Being Won   

By: Andrew Cohen

The “purple mountain majesties” of the United States are great for hiking, mountain biking and snow sports – as well as a whole lot more. Get a...more >>


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