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Juli Anne Patty

Juli Anne Patty

Juli Anne Patty has written for Sports Destination Management since the magazine's creation, working with sports event owners and CVBs all across North America. A traveling freelance writer, Juli combines her interests in travel, writing and sports to help destinations and rights owners create the most unique and successful events possible.

Case study | July 1, 2014
Myrtle Beach: 60 Miles of Sports, Sun and Fun   

By: Juli Anne Patty

When choosing a sports event destination, perhaps the most crucial step is finding the perfect venue. But the ideal venue is just the beginning. The...more >>

Article | June 30, 2014
Running, the People’s Sport   

By: Juli Anne Patty

The sport of road racing has traveled through its own peaks and valleys and is now heading down a pleasant and profitable path.

Case study | May 12, 2014
Sports in Paradise: Puerto Rico   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Looking for a sports destination that offers not just everything you need, but also everything you want? Puerto Rico is the place for you

Article | May 9, 2014
The Sport That Has Hooked America’s Heart   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Learn why America is hooked on fishing -- and how your event can ride the wave of popularity these areas are experiencing.

Article | March 6, 2014
Growing Golf’s Future   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Golf is facing a crossroads, between a decrease in participation and potential growth as an debuting Olympic sport in 2016.

Case study | January 15, 2014
Lincoln, Nebraska: America’s Sports Center   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Central location. It’s a word you hear a lot, about a lot of different destinations. But it doesn’t get more central than Lincoln, Nebraska.

Article | January 6, 2014
Skateboarding and BMX: Extreme in the Mainstream   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Skateboarding and BMX are among the original extreme sports, popular among athletes who like an extra dose of thrill with the competition. But in...more >>

Article | November 11, 2013
Rodeo and Equestrian Events Across America   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Equestrian events are truly international, with three equestrian events—dressage, jumping and eventing—competed at the Olympics games. In...more >>

Article | September 6, 2013
Winning on Water   

By: Juli Anne Patty

With more than 250,000 rivers and countless smaller bodies of water, plus coastal areas, Americans find new ways to enjoy their water all the time.

Article | June 24, 2013
The Rise of Road Races   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Healthcare is a one of America’s greatest challenges, but the current crisis might just have an unexpected silver lining: a road race boom.


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