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Juli Anne Patty

Juli Anne Patty

Juli Anne Patty has written for Sports Destination Management since the magazine's creation, working with sports event owners and CVBs all across North America. A traveling freelance writer, Juli combines her interests in travel, writing and sports to help destinations and rights owners create the most unique and successful events possible.

Case study | February 10, 2016
Oklahoma City: America’s Newly Crowned Softball Capital   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, made itself into the go-to for water sports, including rowing, but thanks to a 20-year contract extension signed by the...more >>

Article | December 28, 2015
The Thrill of It All: Skateboarding and BMX   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Once only known as counter-culture pastimes, skateboard and BMX have moved into the mainstream. Count on that growth to continue in years to come,...more >>

Case study | December 16, 2015
Lawton Fort Sill, Oklahoma: Targeting Sports Excellence   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Oklahoma has been in the news for plenty of sports but you might not know it’s a hotbed for archery. Lawton Fort Sill, in particular, has hosted On...more >>

Article | November 4, 2015
Riding High: The Future of Equestrian Events   

By: Juli Anne Patty

From hunters taking fences to cowboys roping, equine competition has a long tradition, born out of history and rooted in necessity. Today, the sport...more >>

Case study | September 9, 2015
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Oklahoma City's Big River Future   

By: Juli Anne Patty

A couple of decades ago, if you were looking for a hotbed of water sports, Oklahoma City likely would not appear on your list. Today, this passionate...more >>

Article | August 25, 2015
Blue Communities: Trends in Water Sports   

By: Juli Anne Patty

When local communities leverage their waterways into sports venues, great things happen. Sports tourism brings in the people, and residents too start...more >>

Case study | July 15, 2015
Do You Know Greenville, South Carolina?   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Do you know Greenville, South Carolina? Maybe. As a charming Southern town, perhaps. As a pinpoint on a map, maybe. But what about as a thriving...more >>

Article | June 18, 2015
The Good Fight: Planning Successful Combative Sports Events   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Wrestling, boxing and martial arts are some of the oldest and most respected sports among a wide variety of ages -- and MMA is growing as well.

Article | April 29, 2015
The Makings of a First-Class Fishing Hole   

By: Juli Anne Patty

A first-class fishing hole is (as might be expected) filled with prize catches, but more than that, it offers special amenities to its participants,...more >>

Case study | April 29, 2015
Small Town, Big Sports: Conway, Arkansas   

By: Juli Anne Patty

Those who choose to base their sports events in Conway, Arkansas, enjoy a number of advantages, such as a small town atmosphere with big-town...more >>


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