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Dr. Joslyn Zale

Sep 07, 2021

Dr. Joslyn Zale

Dr. Joslyn Zale serves as the Research Associate at NCS? and Adjunct Faculty with the Department of Geography and Geology at The University of Southern Mississippi. In this capacity, Dr. Zale contributes to research produced by NCS? Research Fellows and oversees the CSSP Program. Dr. Zale also?produces white papers and technical reports, and aids with product review and product operational exercises.?

In addition to her work at NCS?, Dr. Zale is an adjunct geography faculty member with the USM's School of Biological, Environmental, and Earth Sciences. Her research interests include modeling risk, vulnerability, and resilience to hazard events, evacuation modeling, social media use related to hazard events, geospatial big data sources and uses, multi-scale and spatio-temporal modeling, citizen science, and location privacy.?Her research has appeared in numerous publications, including?The Professional Geographer, the?Journal of Emergency Management, and?Southeastern Geographer. She has presented her work at national and international conferences and before U.S. Congressional delegations.

Dr. Zale has collaborated on more than $22 million of research funded by DHS, NSF, Department of Education, and the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security, and is a reviewer for the?Journal of Emergency Management. She received her PhD in geography from USM.

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