Elizabethtown, KY Sports Park
Case study | February 28, 2011
Elizabethtown, Kentucky Sports Park   

"If you build it, they will come," is more than a saying for the new Elizabethtown Sports Park, centrally located in the Derby Region of Kentucky,... More>>

The Central Alabama Sports Commission is open for business.
Case study | February 28, 2011
Open for Business: The Central Alabama Sports Commission   

It's not polite to brag. If you haven't heard about Central Alabama, that's why. They all grew up with their grandmothers' and mothers' rules: be... More>>

News | February 20, 2011
US Youth Soccer announces partnership extension with Baymont Inn and Suites   

US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the country, is proud to announce the extension of a partnership that originally began in... More>>

News | February 20, 2011
Huntsville High School Returns to Alabama's Beaches   

Huntsville High School Returns to Alabama's Beaches to Attempt Second-Year Sweep at Island Cup Soccer Tournament More>>

News | November 4, 2010
More than 1,100 teams traveling to Greater Raleigh for National Soccer Series   

CASL National Soccer Series Begins This Weekend as the Largest Youth Sporting Event in Triangle is Set to Go. More>>

News | November 4, 2010
SEC Brings Women's Soccer Championship to Gulf Coast for 7th Straight Year   

The tradition of great soccer will continue on the Gulf Coast as the Alabama Gulf Coast Sports Commission is once again hosting the SEC Women's... More>>

Tuscaloosa, AL
Case study | October 31, 2010
More than a Game: The Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports Commission   

The Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports Commission, formerly known as the Tuscaloosa Sports Foundation, is technically still a new kid on the sports... More>>

Travel Economics
Article | October 31, 2010
Travel Economics: Lessons Learned at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, South Africa   

In June and July of 2010, the world watched with great anticipation (and a heavy dose of skepticism) as South Africa hosted the World Cup. Not just... More>>

Article | October 31, 2010
Soccer Going Full Speed Ahead in the U.S.   

This year, soccer made a huge goal. The sport that captured the imaginations and passions of America's youth three decades ago, becoming the... More>>

Harlingen, TX
Case study | August 31, 2010
Harlingen, TX: The Sun Shines on Sports Every Day of the Year in Harlingen,Texas   

With dozens of top-notch sports venues and the ability to host events year around, it's no wonder that the sporting climate in Harlingen, Texas, is... More>>

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