Article | February 25, 2015
Efforts to Reduce Concussions in Youth Football Players Pay Off   

With growing awareness of effects concussions can have later in life, a number of changes have come to kids’ contact sports. More>>

| February 23, 2015
Shock Doctor Named Official Mouthguard of Pop Warner   

Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc., has announced an agreement with Shock Doctor® Sports and their Cutters glove brand. More>>

News | February 17, 2015
El Dorado Host of 2017 Shrine Bowl   

El Dorado, Kansas, will host the 2017 Kansas Shrine Bowl. More>>

Article | February 12, 2015
Girls’ Flag Football Growth Gets Cheers, Takes Hits   

In recent years, many schools have attempted to bolster girls’ athletics by adding flag football to their sports program line-up. More>>

News | February 12, 2015
Marine Federal Credit Union Football Jamboree Scheduled for August   

The Marine Federal Credit Union Football Jamboree, scheduled for August 2015, is welcoming even more North Carolina high schools. More>>

Article | February 11, 2015
Is NFL’s Appointment of New Health and Medical Advisor a Band-Aid Fix?   

With much fanfare, the NFL made an announcement that it has appointed Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Dr. Elizabeth Nabel as its first chief... More>>

| February 9, 2015
University Of Kansas Football Signs Agreement with i1 Biometrics    

i1 Biometrics, a sports wearable technology company, announced it has signed an agreement with the University of Kansas. More>>

Article | February 2, 2015
Super Bowl: Trophy or Trial?   

What cost $5 million in 1996, $18 million in 2008, and $70 million in 2014? Easy: the Super Bowl. More>>

| January 28, 2015
January 28, 2015   


Sacramento Sports Commission
News | January 28, 2015
Sacramento to Host CIF State Football Championships   

Sacramento has been selected to host the CIF State Football Championship Bowl Games beginning in 2015 through 2017. More>>

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