Article | January 23, 2019
CFP National Championship Game Survives Poor Ticket Sales   

Promoters had quite a scare over the College Football Playoff National Championship. An unappealing venue not close to either of the competing teams... More>>

News | January 11, 2019
Florida Sports Foundation Announces Events for Early 2019   

In January 2019, the Florida Sports Foundation, a Division of Enterprise Florida, Inc.,will host the following eight events. More>>

Article | January 9, 2019
New Version of XFL Set to Kick Off in 2020 – but will it be Sidelined Like Previous Start-Up Leagues?   

The inexorable march toward this year’s Super Bowl is consuming the football nation right now but if promoter Vince McMahon gets his way, people... More>>

Article | January 9, 2019
When Colleges Fight with Friday Night Lights: A Cautionary Tale for Event Owners   

If college football hasn’t made a New Year’s resolution yet, high school football has a suggestion: stop planning anything for Friday nights. And... More>>

News | December 21, 2018
Mobile Sports Authority Announces Kick-Start for 2019   

The Mobile Sports Authority has announced a full calendar of sports events to kick-start 2019. More>>

Article | December 12, 2018
Desperate Teams Call for Desperate Measures   

Desperate teams call for desperate measures. After the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drew the smallest crowd since 2010 to a home game against the 49ers, the... More>>

Article | December 12, 2018
Flag Football Participation is Booming   

Participation numbers may be down in high school football, but that doesn’t mean the sport is on its deathbed. The number of 6- to 12-year-olds... More>>

News | December 12, 2018
TackleBar Being Offered in 21 States   

Youth athletes in 21 states will be playing TackleBar, being marketed as "a safer version of football," this season. More>>

News | December 7, 2018
The Cheez-It Bowl Coming on December 26   

A new era of college football begins as Kellogg’s Cheez-It® brand is announced as the title sponsor of the newly-named Cheez-It® Bowl. More>>

Article | November 28, 2018
NFL Stadium Security Facing Tests on Multiple Levels – Will it Affect Event Owners?   

Intense NFL rivalries — coupled with stadium fights and a lawsuit filed by an assaulted Dallas Cowboy fan — have placed increased attention on... More>>

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