News | December 18, 2015
Placer Valley to Host WWCTOC   

The Hardwood Palace in Rocklin will be the scene of women's wrestling in Placer Valley. More>>

News | December 17, 2015
Erie Warhawks Ready to Battle at Bayfront Convention Center   

The Erie Warhawks’ annual Battle on the Bay Wrestling Tournament will be contested at the Bayfront Convention Center in early 2016. More>>

News | December 15, 2015
Placer Valley Hosting Women’s Wrestling Tournament   

PVT and Sacramento Area Wrestling Association have teamed up to bring Placer Valley the first-ever Women's West Coast Tournament of Champions. More>>

News | December 8, 2015
Big 12 Wrestling Championship Coming to Kansas City   

The Big 12 Wrestling Championship March 5-6 at Sprint Center in Kansas City marks the first neutral-site championship for the sport. More>>

News | October 2, 2015
Palm Beach County Falls Into Autumn With Enigma Pro Wrestling   

The Palm Beach County Sports Commission has announced that Enigma Pro Wrestling will be kicking off the fall 2015 season. More>>

Article | August 25, 2015
Long Island High School Sued After Sweaty Wrestling Mats Lead to MRSA   

A school is the basis of a lawsuit claiming students contracted staph infections when personnel failed to change sweat-soaked wrestling mats for... More>>

Article | June 18, 2015
The Good Fight: Planning Successful Combative Sports Events   

Wrestling, boxing and martial arts are some of the oldest and most respected sports among a wide variety of ages -- and MMA is growing as well. More>>

News | May 14, 2015
Virginia Beach to Host National Wrestling Duals   

The National Duals is wrestled over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, competing in elementary, middle school and high school divisions. More>>

News | April 23, 2015
Winnipeg to Host Pro Boxing   

“High Stakes Havoc” professional boxing will be held on April 30, 2015, in Winnipeg at a new venue, the Club Regent Casino. More>>

News | March 27, 2015
WIBA Title to be Decided in Winnipeg   

Olivia “The Predator” Gerula will face Simone Da Silva Duarte of Brazil for the WIBA World Boxing Title on April 30th in Winnipeg. More>>

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