Article | March 31, 2012
Triathlon - Inside the Sport of Triathlon - Multisport Planning Explained   

The popularity of the triathlon in the U.S. is at an all-time high in the U.S. And that's not hyperbole. The numbers speak for themselves. In... More>>

News | March 28, 2012
New European-Style Bike Event Planned for Oregon's Eugene, Cascades & Coast Region   

A new European-style bike event, combining both competitive and recreational riding experiences, will roll out in Eugene, Oregon’s nearby town of... More>>

Louisville, Kentucky
Case study | February 29, 2012
Louisville, Kentucky: Welcome to Championship City   

Some destinations truly love their sports events. They live for their sports events. Those are the destinations that really knock their events out of... More>>

Case study | October 31, 2011
More Than You Can Imagine: Rome, Georgia   

Venues nestled in a historic downtown. Miles of mountain and river trails. Southern hospitality that takes any event to the next level of success.... More>>

Case study | October 31, 2011
This is Rapid City: Rapid City, South Dakota   

Domico Rodriguez, sports and events sales director for the Rapid City Convention and Visitors Bureau, has a challenge for you: why plan just a... More>>

Case study | August 31, 2011
A Soul for Sports: Harlingen, Texas   

In 1902, the founder of Harlingen, Texas, Lon C. Hill, purchases the tract where the town is now located: 13,837 acres for $1.50 to $2.50 an... More>>

Case study | August 31, 2011
Make Sports History in Lawton Fort Sill, Oklahoma   

A sports destination with major historical appeal, Lawton, Oklahoma unites the best in sports facilities and experience with unrivaled natural and... More>>

News | August 8, 2011
Cyclists Take to the Streets to Find Cure for Multiple Sclerosis   

In an effort to create a world free of multiple sclerosis, the 26th Annual Bike MS: Tour de Beach cycling fundraising event is currently seeking... More>>

News | July 5, 2011
Bicycling Magazine Names Assault on the Peak "The Perfect Ride"   

The July 2011 cover of Bicycling magazine features "The Perfect Ride: 22 Great Trips." Included in this issue, is Summit Cycling Production's very... More>>

News | June 28, 2011
Sanctioning of BMX Racing is Unified in the United States   

From its humble beginnings in the 1970's to its inclusion in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, BMX racing has seen many changes through the years. More>>

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