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Article | December 11, 2019
Slow Hotel Growth in 2020 Expected to Affect Sports Events   

The balancing act hotels are pulling off – trying to control expenses and cope with a slow growth market – isn’t showing signs of drastic... More>>

Article | November 27, 2019
Inside Events: Crappie USA   

While bass fishing gets plenty of ink, it’s not the only sport on U.S. waters. Crappie USA, the first and largest crappie tournament organization... More>>

Article | November 27, 2019
IOC/Airbnb Partnership: A Step in the Right Direction or a Can of Worms?   

With the announcement last week of a sponsorship deal between the IOC and Airbnb, private homeowners in host cities could leverage some benefit when... More>>

Destination | November 22, 2019
Bullhead City: The Hotspot for Sports Tourism   

Boasting an estimated 360 days of sunshine each year, Bullhead City, Arizona, is quickly becoming the nation’s hotspot for sports tourism. More>>

Article | November 13, 2019
In the Wake of a Fire, Resort Community Pulls Together to Host Displaced Events   

A fire that swept through a historic mountain inn and golf resort, displacing multiple guests and events, has also proven to be a testament to the... More>>

Article | November 13, 2019
Hotel Cybersecurity Top of Mind for Families Traveling for Sports   

Less than a year ago, the travel world was shaken by Marriott’s admission that 500 million guest records had been hacked. Now, a survey shows... More>>

Article | November 13, 2019
As Hospitality Industry Feared, Airbnb is Deflating Hotel Income -- Significantly   

The homeshare economy continues to prosper. Researchers note that not only is Airbnb growing at a rate of 100 percent per year, that growth has... More>>

Destination | November 5, 2019
Play Where Champions Play   

At The Palm Beaches, sports organizers find a welcoming environment and premier sports facilities for all levels of play—from amateurs to... More>>

News | November 5, 2019
VM Sports Hits Fall Season Ready to Host   

This fall, Visit Monroeville has announced the development of VM Sports, to advance sports tourism in the Monroeville area. More>>

| November 4, 2019
Dallas Sports Commission Announces Kickoff to Five-Year Anniversary   

The Dallas Sports Commission has announced the kick-off to their 5-Year Anniversary celebration with a year-long program. More>>

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