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Article | November 4, 2015
Travel Industry Fighting Off Counterfeit Reviews of Hotels, Vendors   

It’s called ‘astroturfing:’ the posting of false reviews on sites that cater to the travel industry. And right now, it’s a practice the... More>>

Article | October 7, 2015
Lifting the In-Flight Cell Phone Use Ban Will be Airlines' Call   

And you thought it was obnoxious when people talked on their phones in restaurants. In rest rooms. In churches. Airplanes might be next. According... More>>

| September 23, 2015
September 23, 2015   


Article | September 23, 2015
From LA, NH, NH, MN? Sorry – Your License Isn’t Good Enough for TSA   

Sports planners who will be moving athletes by air, take note: The REAL ID Act was passed by Congress in 2005 in response to the 9/11 Commission’s... More>>

Article | September 23, 2015
Papal Visit Wreaking Havoc on Sports Events   

You’ll occasionally hear that a sports event is on, “come hell or high water.” Make that holy water. The visit of Pope Francis to select... More>>

Article | September 23, 2015
Sports Travelers Can Look Forward to Better In-Flight Wi-Fi   

Travel teams, personnel and parents spend a lot of time in the air. And currently, their opinions of in-flight wi-fi equals that regarding baggage... More>>

Article | September 23, 2015
Event Managers, DMOs, Forge Partnerships with Players in Sharing Economy   

If you can’t beat ‘em, join 'em. Literally. Event companies and travel organizers have been circling around the conundrum of the sharing economy... More>>

Article | September 9, 2015
Carpooling for Youth Sports? There’s an App for That   

Parents whose kids are involved in sports have long tried to balance transportation to and from activites with every other responsibility. And at... More>>

Article | September 9, 2015
Security Changes Coming to Rail Transit?   

Rail is often known as the civilized way to travel, and the fact that TSA isn’t involved is one of its charms. Actually, let’s be honest: the... More>>

| September 8, 2015
What Destinations are Bicycle Friendly? New Report Has Hints   

Which destinations are the most bicycle-friendly? To a certain extent, it depends on how the number of cycle-friendly businesses. More>>

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