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US Youth Soccer & Washington Youth Soccer Mend Fences

Jan 11, 2017 | By: Michael Popke

After a contentious several weeks, US Youth Soccer and Washington Youth Soccer have suspended efforts to sever ties from each other.

“All member Associations, Clubs and Teams within the Washington Youth Soccer family will be allowed to continue to access the benefits associated with membership to US Youth Soccer while we work out our disagreements,” read a recently issued joint statement from both organizations. “Washington Youth Soccer and US Youth Soccer are fully committed to collaborating to move past this so that Washington Youth Soccer can remain a functioning member in good standing.”

In November, Washington Youth Soccer officials, who have “expressed concerns about the leadership of US Youth Soccer for a period of years,” notified US Youth Soccer of their intention to register WYS players only through the U.S. Soccer Federation — bypassing US Youth Soccer.      

In response, US Youth Soccer sent a memo to all of its state presidents, associations and executive directors publicly accepting the resignation of WYS from US Youth Soccer effective Jan. 1, rescinding the organization’s offer for WYS to host the 2017 US Youth Soccer Regional Championships in June and revoking all member benefits.

WYS, in turn, retained legal counsel, which now appears to have been dismissed “pending successful resolutions and outcomes in the coming days and weeks,” according to the joint statement.

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