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Shipyard Park Announces Events for 2021

11 Jan, 2021

Shipyard Park is excited to release the following selected 2021 Tournaments. Keep following our emails, website calendar of events, and social media for more events to be released!  We will post the organization’s tournament link on the calendar of events section of our website.

The organization running the tournament will take your registration and questions for each event. Please understand that some organizations are still in the process of creating their tournament(s). We look forward to hosting your team in 2021!

2021 Dates
19-21st           Division II Baseball - TBA
26-28th          Swig & Swine College Classic - Division I - TBA
26-28th          Swig & Swine Youth Classic - SP#BBQ

4-7th               Shipyard/PBR Showdown HS - TBA
5-7th               Shipyard Youth Showdown - SP#24
12-14th           Top Gun - USA Sports Baseball
19-21st            Shipyard Park SP#23 -  Youth Tournament
26-28th            Coming Soon! Youth Baseball Event

9-11th             Top Gun - USA Sports Baseball
16-18th           Shipyard Park SP#24 - Youth Tournament
23-25th           Top Gun - USA Sports Baseball
30-May 2nd    Shipyard Park SP#25 - Youth Tournament

April 30-May 2nd - See Above
7-9th               Coming Soon! Youth Event
14-16th           Top Gun - USA Sports Baseball
21-23rd           Shipyard Park SP#26 - Youth Tournament           
28-30th           Game Day USA - Battle for the Ship #1

3-6th               Atlantic Coast Baseball
10-13th           Shipyard Park SP#27 - Youth Tournament
17-20th           Game Day USA - Battle for the Ship #2
23-26th           10u World Series - SP#28 - Shipyard Park - ONLY 24 Teams

1-6th               CABA - HS Baseball Event
2-4th               SP#4oftheJuly - $250 - Special Price! - Youth
7-10th             11u World Series - SP#29 - Shipyard Park - ONLY 24 Teams
15-18th           Game Day USA - Battle for the Ship #3
21-24th           12u World Series - SP#30 - Shipyard Park - Only 24 Teams
28-Aug 1st      Top Gun - USA Sports Baseball - Muti Sites

5-8th               Top Gun - USA Sports Softball
13-15th           TBA
20-22nd          Top Gun - USA Sports Softball

3-5th                  Top Gun  - USA Sports - Baseball
10-12th              Shipyard Park - SP#31 - Youth/HS Event
17-19th              Top Gun - USA Sports Baseball
24-26th              Shipyard Park -  SP#32 - Shipyard Park Youth

1-3rd                  Top Gun - USA Sports - Baseball
8-10th                Anchor Bat Wood Tournament - SP#33 - Youth/HS Event
15-17th              Top Gun - USA Sports - Softball
22-24th              Special Event
29-31st              Top Gun - USA Sports - Baseball

5-7th                 Anchor Bat Co. Wood Bat Event - SP#34 - (Sold out in 2020)
12-14th             Top Gun - USA Sports Baseball
19-21st             TBA


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