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Stay Ahead of the Game in Lubbock, Texas

Apr 24, 2019 | By: Juli Anne Patty

Your sport is your passion, and so is your sports event. You want your event to be unforgettable and unmissable. For your athletes, you insist on creating an experience like no other and that requires a destination like no other. Look no further than Lubbock.

The Sports Hub of Texas

Lubbock earned the nickname, the hub city, for the five major highways that pass through town, forming a hub. That feature, along with Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport (LBB), puts Lubbock within easy reach of thousands of sports traveling families, taking transportation stress totally out of the equation.

And while stress-free transportation and outstanding service are Lubbock standards, this West Texas town knows that it takes more than that to knock one out of the park.

“We’re proud to offer an array of superlative facilities, comfortable hotels in every budget and exciting amenities,” says Scott Harrison, sales director for Lubbock Sports. “Lubbock is a much-loved college town, and so we know sports and we know fans. It’s our goal to ensure that every event becomes a part of our town’s proud sports family.”

As a longtime home to a huge variety of sports events, both big and small, Lubbock’s team knows that precision and fine details are at the center of any successful tournament. That attention to detail and steadfast dedication to visiting teams keeps planners coming back to Lubbock time and time again.

The Final Word in Facilities

“Tens of thousands of people come to our community each and every year because of the efforts of Lubbock Sports.  When we partner together to work on NCAA championship events alone, those are the marquee events.”

Kirby Hocutt, Athletic Director
Texas Tech University

Legendary hospitality also means exceptional local partnerships. That’s why Lubbock is able to offer a deep bench of facilities while retaining its small town appeal. Texas Tech University, a Big 12 school, and Lubbock Christian University are both home to outstanding athletic facilities that welcome a variety of sports events each year.

In addition, Lubbock is home to a range of public and private sports facilities all across town. But don’t let “across town” fool you. Lubbock prides itself on offering as many extraordinary facilities, attractions and hotels as you might find in a city, but Lubbock is happy not to have one particular city characteristic: traffic. No matter what sports facility or which hotel you need to get to, chances are excellent that your trip will be no more than 15 minutes.

Baseball: With over 13 unique complexes, including Texas Tech’s legendary Dan Law Field and Lubbock Christian University’s newly-renovated Hays Field, Lubbock’s baseball facilities offer all-star features like video scoreboards, immaculate maintenance and lighting, as well as numerous youth fields to ensure that every tournament goes off without a hitch.

Basketball: Lubbock’s basketball facilities range from many local gyms to the championship settings like Lubbock Christian University’s Rip Griffin Center and Texas Tech’s United Supermarkets Arena.

Bowling: Bowling is big in Lubbock, where you’ll find three state-of-the-art bowling facilities, including a new 28-lane complex. The city is also experienced at putting those facilities to good use as the host of the Texas State United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Championships for women. The tournament, which drew more than 3,000 women, rolled into town for its 77th tournament last year.

Football: This is Texas, people. Football is a way of life. So it’s no surprise that Lubbock offers exceptional championship facilities all across town, including Lubbock’s Lowrey Field, Frenship’s Tiger Stadium, or AT&T Jones Stadium at Texas Tech, where numerous teams face off for in-season high school playoff games and summertime all-star games.

Martial Arts: Lubbock does love its football, but its sports love doesn’t stop there. The city is also home to the only regulation-size Sanshou mat in North America, and martial arts is a growing sport that’s taking the spotlight in Lubbock. Numerous multi-purpose facilities, including the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center and Lubbock’s United Martial Arts Training Center, just to name a few, offer a thrilling venue for both athletes and spectators.

Swimming and Diving: Lubbock’s Pete Ragus Aquatic Center is the ideal home for swim and dive meets, with two eight-lane pools, a center diving well with two 3-meter boards and three 1-meter boards, a Colorado Timing System and state-of-the-art scoreboard.

Triathlons: As home of the 70.3 Ironman World Championship qualifier, Lubbock’s Buffalo Springs Lake has provided a landscape thousands of athletes will never forget. The ongoing success of Lubbock’s Ironman made it an obvious choice for the USA Collegiate National Championship Triathlon in 2009 and 2010, bringing even more athletes to enjoy the area’s steep canyon bike climbs, scenic runs along a cotton field, and swimming with the West Texas sun peeking over the horizon.

Track & Field: As one of only three indoor track facilities in Texas, The Sports Performance Center offers athletes a 200-meter banked track, 100-yard football field, an athletic training facility and a strength and conditioning center. 

These sports are just the beginning. Lubbock has a heart for athletic endeavors of all kinds, so whatever your sport, chances are Lubbock has a home for it.

Y’all Come Back Now

“I speak to a lot of coaches and administrators and they all tend to have the same feelings about the events Lubbock Sports hosts. They go out of their way to do the extra things for us. When you compare what Lubbock Sports is doing to what other cities are doing, there is no comparison.”

Paul Hise, Athletic Director
Lubbock Christian University

Come to Lubbock for 263 days of sunshine and 365 days of sunny personalities. Hospitality is the first thing you’ll notice in Lubbock and the last thing you’ll ever forget.

Lubbock, Texas, is home to more than 290,000 residents and is the center of the South Plains region. Although Lubbock maintains an atmosphere of small-town hospitality and West Texas charm, it offers big-city delights. From award-winning wineries to an archaeological preserve and the largest cowboy symposium in the world to its rich musical heritage, Lubbock entices travelers with an array of unexpected adventures.

With over 5,700 hotel rooms and flexible meeting space to accommodate groups of any size, Lubbock offers all of the resources and amenities you’d expect from a larger city, but delivers them with true West Texas hospitality. Event organizers value Lubbock’s professional event planning team and the city’s wide variety of accommodations and venues.

Lubbock provides the foundation to make every event a success. Every event benefits from the experience and assistance of the Lubbock Sports team, who are ready to deliver

  • Acquire facility rates and availability
  • Provide comprehensive event proposals
  • Provide contacts for venues, local attractions, and suppliers
  • Personalized event welcome sign on our airport kiosk
  • Tour itinerary planning assistance
  • Pre-printed name badges and lanyards
  • Hospitality room for officials and coaches
  • Contact venues and set-up facility rental
  • Program for event
  • Welcome bags
  • Hotels for officials
  • Welcome signs
  • On-site registration assistance

Achieve the Impossible

“When you bring events to Lubbock, whatever it may be, whether it be track, baseball, football or a summer event, Lubbock Sports is making that happen.”
Kenny Catney, Athletic Director
Frenship Independent School District

When we work together, nothing is impossible. For more than a decade, Lubbock’s staff has built a reputation for going above and beyond the play call. For more information about how the Lubbock Sports Team can help you plan and implement a successful sporting event, call 806-747-5232 or e-mail

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