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Announcing “The Launch,” USRowing’s New Learning Experience Platform

Dec 26, 2023
USRowing is thrilled to introduce The Launch, our new learning experience platform that will unlock transformative learning and development programs for athletes, coaches, member organizations, and the rest of the USRowing community in the years to come. The Launch is powered by Acorn PLMS (Performance Learning Management System), USRowing's official learning partner.  

Today, we are releasing our first five club management courses, available for free to all organizational members, based on feedback from leaders about their top challenges: 

  • Rowing Safety 
  • Nine Things about DEI at USRowing 
  • Rowing Insurance 101 
  • Fundraising: The Basics 
  • Equipment Management 

Every member organization will be able to assign access to three active roster members each month on the member portal, allowing access for up to 36 people per year – including volunteer members. Acorn's platform allows members to learn at their own pace online and provides certification tracking and recognition. 

The Launch also presents an innovative mentorship program tailored for coaches and club administrators, along with a dedicated website containing templates and valuable resources designed for member organizations. This mentorship initiative brings together club leaders and coaches, fostering knowledge exchange, idea enhancement, skill development, and relationship building through diverse mentorship opportunities and interactions. 

USRowing will release five additional club management courses by the end of 2023. Approximately 10 new courses will be released annually. Areas of focus will include:  

  • 2024 Collegiate and Scholastic Programs; Regatta Management; Coastal Rowing 
  • 2025 New Clubs and Athlete Development 
  • 2026 Build-out of End-to-End Club Management Curriculum 

Acorn's PLMS is robust yet easy-to-use, offering USRowing members engaging and relevant education opportunities based on the latest principles in contextual learning, instructional design, and concept retention. By unifying online learning onto a single platform with 24/7 availability on any device, members will be able to learn what they want, when they want. Whether an administrator trying to build a sustainable program, a coach seeking professional development, or an athlete dreaming of the podium, enrichment and support will always be close at hand. 

"The Launch, powered by our collaboration with Acorn, will play a crucial role in our sport's future," said USRowing CEO Amanda Kraus. "With Acorn's innovative approach to learning and performance, we can empower athletes, coaches, and our member organizations with the theoretical and practical knowledge, resources, and skills for achieving their goals, from growing our sport at the grassroots level to achieving Olympic and Paralympic success." 

Click here to learn more about The Launch and start the learning experience on the platform today.  

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