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USTA Offering Funding, Assistance for Tennis Facility Improvement

Apr 12, 2013
Qualifying Organizations can Receive Range of Benefits

The United States Tennis Association (USTA), the national governing body for tennis in the U.S., offers assistance to park and rec districts, municipalities, community tennis associations and other organizations interested in improving their tennis facilities and growing the presence of the sport in their community. Information on all resources is available by going to the site, and clicking on the Facilities tab at the top of the page.

The USTA’s Facility Assistance Program offers a multi-pronged approach to court improvement. Aspects to qualifying organizations may include:

10 and Under (10U) Tennis Facility Assistance includes the option to paint permanent 36' and 60' tennis lines on existing courts, conversion of 78' tennis courts into 36' tennis courts, or constructing stand-alone 36' and 60' tennis courts for 10 and under tennis . The USTA offers three distinct line grants that qualifying applicants can take advantage of:

  1. 10 and Under Tennis - Blended Line & Conversion Grant

  2. 10 and Under Tennis - Playground Line Grant

  3. 10 and Under Tennis - Collegiate Blended Line Grant

The USTA will match dollar for dollar the investment an existing tennis facility makes toward the total cost of painting blended lines or converting tennis courts, capped at $4,000.  The national average to paint blended lines on existing tennis courts in good condition averages $200 - $400 per 78' tennis court.  The national average to convert one 78' tennis court into four permanent 36' tennis courts averages $8,000 - $10,000.  To be eligible for the 10 and Under Tennis - Blended Line & Conversion Grant a facility must be willing to paint blended lines on a minimum of two 78' tennis courts or convert one 78' tennis court to four permanent 36' tennis courts.

For each of these grants, the application process and reimbursement process are the same. Information and applications are available on the USTA Site.

Financial Improvements: USTA can offer financial assistance to qualifying organizations for various levels of improvement, repair and construction of tennis courts:

  1. Category I: For basic facility improvements, including fixed court amenities (i.e. backboards, fencing, windscreens, etc.) Up to $4,000, must be matched dollar for dollar.

  2. Category II: Resurfacing of existing courts. Up to 20% of total project cost ($35,000 maximum).

  3. Category III: New construction or existing facility reconstruction and expansion. Up to 20% of total project cost ($50,000 maximum).

Advocacy: A major component of any tennis facility project is an advocacy initiative. Depending on the size and scope of the project a community is undertaking, advocacy initiative can be a critical piece in the final product. The USTA has two main advocacy resources for qualifying applicants:

  1. The Big Serve – The Big Serve is the USTA’s advocacy initiative website. The effort is aimed at connecting the passion of USTA members and the larger tennis community with the public policy needs of the communities in which they live. There are many great advocacy resources available for communities interested in expanding or improving their tennis facilities.

  2. Advocacy Consultants – The USTA has trained advocacy consultants across the country that can work with a qualifying community on its tennis facility project. To get connected to a local advocacy consultant, it is essential for qualifying applicants to complete the USTA Facility Assistance Form.

Technical Assistance: The USTA considers its Facility Assistance program’s technical team one of the main advantage it can offer communities. With industry leading experience in tennis court/facility construction, the association’s technical team offers everything from concept plans to professional construction document review. USTA’s professional construction document review ensures a community is investing in a long-term tennis court  solution. All of these resources are free of charge to qualifying projects based on availability of resources.

Information on all Facility Assistance programs is available at Note that interested organizations must submit an application for assistance, and work with USTA staff to determine eligibility. 

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