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Get Your BID On: Major League Quadball

May 11, 2023 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

Major League Quadball (MLQ), the sport formerly known as quidditch, is currently bidding out its MLQ Championship, North Division Championship, all regular-season series and all regular-season SuperSeries.


All deadlines apply to the year prior to the year that the event is planned (example: bidding for the 2024 MLQ Championship opens on February 1, 2023).


MLQ Championship is held in August and is the premier quadball event. The top 12 out of 16 MLQ teams, based on regular-season performance, will be invited to the MLQ Championship. The tournament will be played simultaneously on two pitches, with all matches livestreamed to the community of fans that cannot attend in-person. The atmosphere of the event is family-friendly and spectators even have the opportunity to give the sport a go.


The North Division Championship is a two-day event in late July/early August. It features all six North Division teams. This event requires one field, a press box, and carries a bid fee.


Our regular season takes place in June, July, and early August. MLQ series (two teams, one day) and SuperSeries (three teams, two days) take place in our 16 franchise cities located in the U.S. and Canada. These require just one field and carry a small bid fee.


MLQ will provide the following for each event:

  • Localized event organizing team consisting of MLQ staff
  • Direct oversight by the MLQ Events Department
  • All teams and players
  • All event merchandise and ticketing
  • General liability insurance coverage extended to host facility
  • Inclusion of host’s design collateral on all promotional materials


Bid Process:

To initiate the bid process, interested parties should submit the Intent to Bid Form to indicate interest and initiate communication with MLQ staff.


The RFP, detailing all information, is available at this link.


MLQ RFPThe next step is to submit the Bid Snapshot by an event’s indicated bid deadline. The MLQ Directors will then select finalists and schedule site visits. The final city partner(s) will be announced publicly.


Parties interested in bidding for the MLQ Championship may review the information provided or download the MLQ bid manual for an idea of what to expect in regards to information on deadlines and requirements.

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