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Watchfire Signs Introduces 10mm Outdoor LED Display That Looks Great in Photos and Selfies

Oct 31, 2022

Watchfire Signs, a leading provider of exterior and interior LED signs, has introduced the S10mm, an exterior LED display created for sports and event venues that looks great on social media posts and selfies, and extends the fan experience beyond the stadium. Click to tweet.


The S10mm is a high-resolution, full-color LED display with a faster refresh rate so photos and videos of the video board don’t flicker or blur as they do on low refresh rate displays.


“The owners of stadiums and outdoor venues understand the power of social media to extend their marketing reach, and know that it can be disappointing when the LED display in a photo or video doesn’t reflect the fan experience,” said Michael Cox, senior electrical engineering manager at Watchfire Signs. “The new S10mm display looks just as great in photos and videos as it does in real life.”


The Watchfire S10mm is ideal for outdoor sports facilities used by high school, college, and professional franchises, as well as concert venues, racetracks, and other outdoor facilities with live video.


The S10mm joins Watchfire’s family of outdoor sports video boards designed to showcase athletes, boost fan participation, and grow sponsorship revenue. Engineered for all-weather conditions, Watchfire sports displays feature high-contrast LEDs that deliver wide-angle viewing, control room integration, and a bright picture even in direct sunlight.


The S10mm is another example of Watchfire’s commitment to innovating its product line and leading the industry in developing products that anticipate the needs of customers. “Each generation of Watchfire displays include higher resolutions and features that are important to our customers and their fans,” said Cox. “Customer expectations are always evolving and Watchfire is leading the way in measured innovation, developing the most reliable, efficient, and effective products that are valued by our customers.”

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