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International Senior Softball Seeking Venues

9 Sep, 2014

Organization’s Leadership Sending Out Call to Interested Communities; Events Can Generate 2,000-3,000 Room Nights Per Weekend

ISSA, the International Senior Softball Association, is seeking communities interested in hosting their events for the coming year.

According to RB Thomas, Jr., ISSA Executive Director, the weekend sports tournaments can generate 2000 to 3000 room nights at local hotels.

“Actually, about half of our tournaments will generate over 1500 room nights each in 2014.  Please feel free to contact the ISSA Staff to discuss how your community might qualify to host an ISSA senior tournament in 2015. 

The success of any new sports event will depend on a number of factors including 1) championship quality of the facilities, 2) the experience and reputation of the local event staff and their commitment to provide the visiting players with a quality experience and 3) the number of senior teams in the region (reasonable driving distance.)  The ISSA is looking for qualified host communities to partner with to provide one of several new events for 2015.  We can quickly ascertain if your community has the required number of fields for a particular tournament.  (Most large events that require multiple softball complexes are also multi-jurisdictional in that the fields may be located in several adjacent cities and counties.)

Our RFP is available for your review and use should you wish to move forward to work with the ISSA Staff to bring an exciting sports tourism event to your community.”

Information and a copy of the RFP are available from or by calling 703-368-1188 (office) or 571-436-9704 (cell). The website is


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