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ASBA Offers Sports Facility Resources to CVBs, Sports Commissions

Apr 29, 2013
Publications, Website, Membership Directory Can Help Groups Find Information On Design, Standards And Construction

The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for tennis courts, running tracks, synthetic turf fields and indoor and outdoor synthetic sports surfaces, has resources available to help sports commissions, CVBs and others who are interested in building or updating their sports facilities.

"As the sports tourism market continues to boom, many cities and states are going to want to reinvent themselves as viable and vibrant sports destinations," notes Mark Brogan, ASBA Chairman. "To do this, they are going to need top-quality facilities. We want to let sports commissions, convention and visitors bureaus and others know that we are their resource for the best information on design and construction of sports facilities, as well as on the professionals who have extensive experience."

ASBA's website, available at, includes an online directory of member companies. Users can search the directory by state, area of expertise, brand names and more. A hard copy of the directory is also available free of charge by request.

In addition, ASBA offers a voluntary certification program. Individuals can elect to go through the rigorous certification process, which recognizes advanced knowledge in the areas of tennis court, running track and sports field construction.

"Sports facility construction is an exacting science," notes Brogan, "and requires expertise and experience. The best facilities are designed and built by professionals who have both of those. ASBA is proud to be able to provide lists of its Certified Builders on its website."

ASBA's website also lists position papers (available free of charge) and publications which may be purchased. These include:

  • Tennis Courts: A Construction and Maintenance Manual
  • Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual
  • Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual
  • Indoor Synthetic Sports Surfaces: An Installation and Maintenance Manual

Information on all resources is available by contacting the Association at its headquarters via phone, 866-501-ASBA (2722) or 410-730-9595, fax 410-730-8833, or by e-mail at Information is also available at

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