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ASBA Announces Publication of New Sports Fields Manual

Nov 13, 2017
Next Textbook to be Invaluable Resource for Event Owners, Destinations

The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders, designers and suppliers of materials for running tracks, tennis courts, sports fields and court and recreational facilities, has announced the publication of the 2017 edition of Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual.

Copies of the new edition of the book are now available and will cost $44.95 each. Books can be ordered by contacting the Association directly at 866-501-ASBA (2722), or by going to the website, The new book is available from this link in either hard copy or in digital format.

The 2017 edition includes key updates to many areas of sports field design and construction. The manual includes user-friendly technical information on all aspects of sports field facilities at various levels of competition, such as high school, college and even international events. It walks readers through the processes of design, budgeting and planning, site requirements, drainage, surface selection, construction, maintenance, repair, amenities, accessories and more.

A panel of field design and construction experts updated and revised the manual from the previous edition, making it a key resource for all builders, design professionals, specifiers, contractors, suppliers, and owners/users, including high schools, colleges, parks and recreation departments, coaches, facility managers, caretakers and athletic directors, as well as current and prospective owners of sports fields.

New for 2017 are expanded sections addressing the concept of hybrid turf and the topics of sustainability and recycling of existing synthetic surfaces. The book also examines the issues surrounding the perception of crumb rubber used in sports fields, and discusses the range of alternative infill products available.

“This new publication is an invaluable resource to anyone looking for information on sports fields,” said Mark Heinlein, CFB, chairman of the committee that compiled the new manual. “It addresses every aspect of field design, construction, maintenance and equipment and can help people find the answers they need, whether they’re a coach, an athletic director, a field owner or manager, or anyone else.”

The book also contains a number of appendices meant to provide additional resources, including diagrams (all updated for the new publication), formulae for calculations of various aspects of field design, construction and more, and other information useful to those involved in constructing sports field facilities. The end of the manual also features a glossary of terms commonly used in the course of designing and building a field.

In addition, the new book is the textbook and resource manual to those who are interested in pursuing the ASBA’s voluntary certification program to become a Certified Field Builder, or its two associated designations, Certified Field Builder-Synthetic and Certified Field Builder-Natural.(Information on this is available from ASBA).

The ASBA is a non-profit association helping designers, builders, owners, operators and users understand quality athletic facility construction. The Association sponsors informative meetings, publishes newsletters, books and technical construction guidelines and keeps its members updated on developments in the industry. The Association recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. It will host its Technical Meeting, which includes informative industry sessions as well as a trade show and other events, from December 1-5 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Information on this meeting can be found on the website.

Additional information is available from the Association at 9 Newport Drive, Suite 200, Forest Hill, MD 21050. The phone numbers are 866-501-ASBA (2722) or 410-730-9595, and the fax number is 410-730-8833. The ASBA also may be reached electronically via its website:, or by e-mail at

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