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ISSA 2013 Events Set to Get Underway on the Carolina Trail

Mar 05, 2013

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA USA - Following the successful World Tournament of Champions held last month at venues in the Tampa Bay region, the ISSA is set to begin the Carolina Trail tournaments scheduled for March and April. The events are planned to provide the senior teams in the East the opportunity to begin their new season under sunny skies in the southern region of the United States, a Spring training opportunity if you will. This year the early tournaments will be held at Myrtle Beach, SC then Burlington, NC then Greenville, SC, three excellent destinations for the travelling senior teams.  Teams planning on playing in these tournaments should go Online at the ISSA Website ( and submit the Entry Form for each tournament (click on the Tournament to access the Entry Form) and when the Registered Team List is posted for the tournament confirm that the ISSA staff has you in the event. Teams that participate in all three of the ISSA tournaments on the Carolina Trail will receive a 50% discount off the entry fee for the ISF Senior World Cup in June at Salem, VA.

The ISSA staff would like to encourage all the senior players and their fans to become a Fan of the ISSA - Senior Softball page on Facebook. The ISSA will post photos and information from ISSA events to highlight senior softball participants and happenings throughout the season.  So LIKE our senior softball page as it is one way for us to communicate with all those interested in the sport.

Myrtle Beach, SC

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA - The ISSA tournament will get underway on Wednesday, March 20 when the 70+ and 75+ teams take to the new synthetic fields at Grand Park at Market Commons.  The new complex has seven excellent fields at one location and all games are expected to be scheduled there.  The 50s, 55s, 60s and 65s will begin their preliminary games on Friday.  Again this year the Host Hotel, Sand Dunes Resort will hold a player reception for the visiting players and their guests.  Last year the event drew fifty teams and so far this year the number of entered teams has exceeded that and several more are expected to enter before the registration is closed.  Myrtle Beach is an excellent destination for teams to get their season underway.....a world-class ocean resort destination with world-class fields.

Burlington, NC

BURLINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA - Burlington has the reputation of being an excellent softball town.  The staff at the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department are some of the most experienced at providing facilities and game support for the senior games.  The games for all divisions will be played on Friday, Saturday andSunday, April 12-14 at either Springwood Softball Complex or City Park.  Last year was the first year for this ISSA NIT at Burlington and 32 teams participated.  This year the tournament is expected to also show a good increase as more teams learn of this great opportunity for an April tournament on their schedule.  And ladies (and gents) check out the Replacement Center while at the event (located along Interstate Route 85 just south of the Springwood facility.)  The retail store is like a museum with glassware, china and silverware.....they have almost every pattern ever made and many are on exhibit?  The ISSA Burlington NIT has drawn a lot of attention and a number of new teams have voiced their intention to be there this year.  The Host Hotel is offering a great room rate so do not delay booking since it will most likely sell out.

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA - The ISSA will be holding a new event this year at Greenville, SC.  The officials in the Greenville region are excited about the opportunity to host a senior tournament in their "city" and should be an excellent host community.  The aerial photos showing the two complexes where the games will be played are posted on the ISSA Website home page.  (If more than 50 teams enter other field locations will be added to supplement the 9 reserved fields.)  Venue addresses and hotel information has been added to the ISSA Website.  If your team is looking for a new and exciting location to play senior softball, Greenville is your 2013 destination. Teams that participate in the Greenville NIT will be given an (unpaid) berth in the 2014 ISF/ISSA World Tournament of Champions at Tampa.  Greenville officials want the senior players to visit their community, they are excited and have offered to be a great host and provide game support services at Natiional Tournament standards.

ISSA TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE FOR 2013 - The ISSA will be offering tournaments again this year throughout the eastern part of the United States and discussions are ongoing with potential host communities with others as the demand for more of their events continues to increase.  If your community has the championship facilities and interest to host an ISSA senior tournament, the ISSA Office should be contacted for a RFP. One new senior tournament for 2013 will be at Rockford, IL about an hour northwest of Chicago. The ISSA is pleased to hold their 19th ISSA World Championships-Central at the new location. This new event at Rockford will supplement the Eastern event still to be played at Manassas and both will be held on the same weekend.  With 90 teams playing at Manassas in 2012, the event exceeded the field capacity for the available championship quality fields thus the new format being at two locations will allow the senior teams to select either and provide those teams in the central part of the United States a more convenient destination.  Rockford should prove to be an excellent new venue for an ISSA championship event.

Team managers are reminded to use the Online Team Registration (at no cost) to get their ISSA Team Rating and enter any of the ISSA tournaments on the posted schedule.  Also, whenever there is any change in a team's status or contact information the team should submit a new registration online.  Teams that plan to play in any of the ISSA senior tournaments in 2013 should submit the Tournament Entry Form for each event.  (Entry fees have to be mailed later to the ISSA Office in advance of the specific tournament per the Fact Sheet.)

Players that participte in ISSA tournaments are NOT required to purchase an ID Card from ISSA.  The ISSA allows players to present their drivers license for proof of age and residency.


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