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Inside Events: 5v5 Futsal

Nov 25, 2023 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

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5v5 Soccer, offered by T2 Sporting, presents soccer events in small-sided formats. The tour owner, T2Sporting, has developed a grassroots marketing strategy to work with local sports commissions or CVBs who are looking to bring in new and large annual events. The organization offers camps for high school and college students, as well as full-size tournaments.

The owner and founder of 5v5 Soccer, Travis Tew of T2 Sporting Events, has noted that small-sided soccer is advantageous for players:

“Just as street soccer was for a previous generation, small-sided games are fun and foster a lifelong passion for the beautiful game. Children naturally learn match situations by constant repetition and frequent ball contact. There’s less running, less frustration and more involvement in real soccer situations so that ultimately, every kid learns their contribution to the game is important.”

Most recently, T2 has also announced it is planning to host futsal in winter months (December to March). Futsal, the indoor version of soccer, has been gaining popularity, particularly among athletes who want to keep their skills sharp during the cold-weather months when many outdoor tournaments are on hiatus.

The choice of futsal is solid, since in 2019, Alexander Para, the president and CEO of US Futsal noted that in the 21 FIFA World Cups held, 17 had been won by countries that play futsal.

5v5 FutsalHere are the facts from 5v5 Soccer, the organization that is kick-starting 5v5 Futsal:

5v5 Futsal, produced by T2 Events, will be running its first tournaments this winter.

The organization is seeking destinations with adequate playing space (based on the size of the tournament); it asks the following questions of destinations:

Advantages to hosting, according to Tew in a previous interview, are as follows: “There is the opportunity to create a high quality, local and area-wide competition for your market with a great environment for coaches, players and parents. It generates revenue for the host club, takes up less space and offers the opportunity to enhance recognition and bring prestige to the host organization.”

Full information is available from T2, which also offers an online calendar with the option to schedule calls with event owners to discuss facilities and dates, and to ask all relevant questions.

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