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Get Your BID On: 2024 NIRSA National Soccer Championships

Sep 16, 2023 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

We KNOW you have fields. Isn’t it time you put them to good use to further elevate your profile as a sports destination? NIRSA, the non-profit organization that comprises and supports leaders in collegiate recreation, is seeking a host for its 2024 National Soccer Championships.


The RFP is available at this link. In the meantime, though, here are some details about what will be needed of potential host destinations.


Preferred Date: Wednesday, November 20 – Saturday, November 24

Secondary Date: Wednesday, December 4 – Saturday, December 8


Deadline: RFP is open until site secured


Contact: Nicole Jackson

Director of National Sport Programs

(541) 760-6254


Event Overview: The NIRSA National Soccer Championships began in 1994 for collegiate sport club teams. These teams from across the country are supported mainly by the Campus Recreation Department and compete in leagues outside the university.


Participant Demographics: 50% men, 50% women; average age is 20; age range is approximately 18 to 25. The NIRSA National Soccer Championships is conducted as a National Event to crown a collegiate sport club champion


Facility Requirements:

Space #1: A minimum of 14 lighted soccer fields measuring a minimum length of 100 yards (110 yards preferred) and a minimum width of 70 yards (75 yards preferred), complete with field painting, goals, nets, corner flags, team benches, and bleacher seating for 25/field.


Space #2: Saturday, early afternoon-evening. Event finals on one field, with event seating for 500, lighting, PA system, and electronic scoreboard. Stadium preferred, can be one of the fields that are used during the tournament.


Tournament Desk: 20 X 20 covered area for game management


Officials’ Area: 30 X 30 covered area for shade and dining (includes tables and chairs)


Trainers’ Area: 10 X 10 covered area for every 4-6 cluster of fields


Tournament Merchandise Area: Up to three 10 X 10 covered area with table, chairs and access to Wi-Fi


Hotel and Room Night Information:

  • Average Length of Stay: 4 Nights
  • Peak Nights: 500 Rooms
  • Total Room Nights: 1,900
  • Average Athletes: 2,000
  • Average Spectators: 3,500


According to Sports ETA, there is no bid fee associated with this event.


Need more information about NIRSA? You can find it here.

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