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Up for Bid: The 2023 3v3 LIVE National Championships

Sep 23, 2021 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher
Small-Sided Soccer is Coming on Strong; Here is a Chance to Host
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The wave of the future is small-sided sports, responsible for teaching kids the fundamentals of the game, including, of course, having fun and playing your best. 3v3 LIVE is looking for destination partners to help it fulfill its mission by hosting the 2023 National Championships. Does your city have what it takes? There’s only one way to find out!

The tournament will be comprised of teams from ages 6 through 18 in both Boys and Girls divisions for a total of approximately 350 teams. The 3v3 Live National Championships are the culmination of over 150 3v3 Live tournaments across the country. Regional Champions receive free entry into this one-of-a-kind event with teams from over 30 different states participating annually.

The entire RFP can be downloaded here.

Bids are due on January 1, 2022.

Bids to host the 3v3 Live National Championships shall be submitted to the 3v3 Live National Soccer Tour via e-mail, addressed to Eddie Meador at eddie@3v3live.com.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Facility - The proposal will be reviewed to determine if the facility meets all requirements.

2. Cost - This will include the Host Organizations proposed rights fee payment.

3. Location – Proximity to 3v3 Live major markets for teams wishing to drive to event

4. Value - Overall best value of each bid shall be determined by a cumulative assessment of the collective merits of the above criteria.

Based on the proposals submitted and site visits conducted, final recommendations will be made to the Board of Directors. The Board will make the final decision to select the Host.

Participant Data

Year                                    Teams                  Participants                      Room Nights

2023 (projected)              350                       1,750                                   2,750

2022 (projected)               350                       1,750                                   2,750

2021 (projected)              325                       1,625                                   2,500

2020 (actual)                     319                      1,595                                   2,300

2019 (actual)                     305                       1,525                                  1,750

2018 (actual)                     210                       1,050                                  1,400

2017 (actual)                     182                       910                                     1,250

2016 (actual)                     155                       775                                     1,000

Scheduled Events for the 3v3 Live National Championships

It is anticipated that the 3v3 Live National Championship will consist of the following events:

  • Friday (4pm - 8pm) – Team check-in and registration at the venue.
  • Saturday (10am – 9pm) – Round Robin / Pool play games
  • Sunday (9am – 4pm) – Playoffs Brackets and Awards Ceremonies

Hosting Requirements

Playing Site

The facility site must be located within a limited-access complex. 3v3 Live must have exclusive rights to the facility. The site must be no further than 30 minutes travel time from team lodging and no more than one hour from an airport; it should also have good access from major highways in the area and ample parking space for teams, referees, tournament officials, spectators, media, and VIPs. Site should have dedicated indoor area for set-up of Tournament Headquarters (with Wi-Fi connectivity)


At least 8 full-sided soccer fields are required. All fields should be at one site. Fields will be broken down into smaller 3v3 fields (30 yards x 40 yards). Total number of 3v3 fields needed for the event will be approx. 32-40. (Host will be responsible for preparing and lining fields)

3v3 Live will provide (and set up) all goals for this event. All other goals must be removed from fields. Two team benches must be located on one side of each field.

More information, including financial requirements, housing, awards and more, can be found in the RFP. Don’t forget – Bids are due on January 1, 2022.

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