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McAllen to Get New Motor Sports Facility

Jul 07, 2013
Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission Awards McAllen $218,000 Grant for Off-Road Motorcycle Track

McAllen plans to build a 35-acre motor sports park - in a site to be decided upon in the future - with help from the Valley International Motocross Association, a nonprofit corporation formed in January.

"They happened to approach us at just the right time where we could put together the grant," said Parks and Recreation Director Sally Gavlik.

The McAllen Motocross Park will include a 2.5-mile riding area, restrooms and basic improvements, including fences and signs, according to records provided to the City Commission on Jan. 14. To offset McAllen's costs, the local motocross association will provide design work, grading and starting gates.

Once established, the McAllen Motocross Park could become part of a racing circuit that includes Austin, Floresville and Houston. Races would bring out-of-town visitors to McAllen, contributing to the economic vitality of the city.

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