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Inside Events: Top Threat Tournaments

Apr 08, 2022 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher
An Interview with Blaire Nathanson, Director of Marketing and Event Operations

Providing a platform for the nation's girls lacrosse players and teams, Top Threat Tournaments hosts premier girls lacrosse tournaments and showcases predominantly located on the East Coast. With a staff who has been in the industry for over 15 years, Top Threat Tournaments sources marquee facilities to best serve the lacrosse community. Each event is unique including options for full field play with top-level college recruiting opportunities, small-sided competitions, and showcases to learn and grow as an athlete. The organization’s focus is on building a quality player experience to help athletes reach their full potential.

Sports Destination Management: Your organization specializes in events for girls. What age groups do you serve?

Blaire Cahana: We run events with girls as young as second or third grade, all the way through high school.

SDM: And you put on showcases as well?

Cahana: Yes, right now, we run three of those; they are held before our major events of the year. We’ll get six to ten college coaches and they’ll get to see them before they play that weekend.

Note: Information on showcases can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Meir Cahana Photography

SDM: What sizes are your tournaments in general?

Cahana: It ranges but Fall Draw is our major event. It sells out each year and starts filling up right away. At the moment, there are 207 teams coming and another 20 or 30 on the waitlist.  We have another event coming up this summer, Top Threat Championship, and we’re already at 146 teams for that.

Note: Information on all events Top Threat Tournaments puts on can be found here.

SDM: You run a lot of events. What is your format?

Cahana: Each event is different based on location and time of year of the event. In the fall, we have some one-day per grad year showcase-style events with 3-4 games and no championship, and others that are two-day events with a championship per division. Our summer events are typically two-day championship-style events.

SDM: What is your territory?

Cahana: We have events spanning New Jersey down to Florida, including North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

SDM: Are you set for locations or are you interested in new ones as well?

Cahana: We are always open to learning about new destinations, particularly if we see a great venue.

SDM: What would you be looking for?

Cahana: In terms of the venue itself, we want to know if it has enough fields to hold the number of teams we are planning to host. We also look at the capacity of a city in terms of hotels and things like that, all of which have the potential to give players a good experience. That’s always our goal – giving people the best experience possible.

SDM: You’re playing both full-size and small-sided tournaments.

Cahana: Yes, the 6v6 style is going to grow – we’re seeing more demand for tournaments like that. We also host a 7v7 event Florida Wave in the summer, as

Photo courtesy of Top Threat Tournaments

well as at our Merry Laxmas tournament in Georgia in the winter. The great thing about those tournaments is that they offer fast-paced games and are a lot of fun for the girls.

SDM: It sounds like there’s a lot of variety in the sport itself.

Cahana: Yes as the sport grows, we continue to adapt.

SDM: What else is Top Threat Tournaments involved in?

Cahana: Another part of our business is Triple Threat Elite. What we’ve seen is that the girls have aspirations and so do their parents. Even coming in from 4thgrade, kids will be able to decide that they want to continue on in the sport and compete at a higher level. I like to think the demand has evolved to meet that skill level. Girls lacrosse, even for 8U, is building, and professional opportunities are hopefully growing.

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