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Open for Business, Up for Bid: USA Racquetball’s National Events

Aug 15, 2020 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

Want to host some indoor tournaments that take in a wide range of age groups? Want to use some existing athletic clubs and strengthen alliances with local organizations?

It’s time you took a look at events put on by USA Racquetball, an NGB based in Colorado Springs and representing a sport that is active at all levels, from juniors to the senior games. Leading athletes take place in multi-sport events at all levels, from the Pan-American Games to the Senior Games to State and Association Games.

At this time, USA Racquetball is seeking hosts for events between 2021 and 2024. The events are as follows:

  • 2021 National Junior Championships
  • 2022 National Doubles Championships
  • 2022 National Intercollegiate Championships
  • 2022 National Junior Championships
  • 2022 National Singles Championships
  • 2023 National Doubles Championships
  • 2023 National Intercollegiate Championships
  • 2023 National Junior Championships
  • 2023 National Singles Championships
  • 2024 National Doubles Championships
  • 2024 National Intercollegiate Championships
  • 2024 National Junior Championships
  • 2024 National Singles Championships

Full information on championship hosting, as well as all bid information, is found here.

Information: Any questions or concerns regarding this agreement or ideas can be directed to Connor Shane, USA Racquetball Director of Events, at

Venue Information: As USA Racquetball utilizes local sport clubs and third-party organizations rather than city-owned convention centers, bids will be considered with a collaboration focus. Understanding that most DMOs can’t, or prefer not to, underwrite third-party contracts with local sport venues, USA Racquetball is happy to accept separate contracts and commitments from both organizations. These contracts, bids, and MOUs will be reviewed at the same time and signed accordingly.

Additionally, all hotel contracts need to be confirmed prior to signing any contracts. USA Racquetball uses a third-party housing company, GroupHousing, for its events so hotel contracts can be included in the bids with the host DMO.

The Host Club is a vital component of providing a successful bid. USA Racquetball is committed to hosting National Events in quality venues that are safe and attractive to players and guests. Racquetball Club/Court General Information

  1. One club will be designated the “host club” and should have a minimum of 50% of the necessary number of courts, required for the tournament. The capacity to host the entire event at one club is preferred. These courts should have viewing areas, preferably glass walls, back or side. Upstairs viewing is also a positive for our guests and referees. In addition, these courts should be safe, clean, and well maintained.
  2. The club(s) must have enough courts to accommodate the event needs along with enough space for spectators.
  3. The club(s) must be open and available during event hours and accessible by USAR and LOC staff at least 48 hours prior to the event to allow for setting up the event area.
  4. USA Racquetball will hang banners throughout the club including at entrances.
  5. “Show courts” are defined as courts with a minimum of one full glass back wall to allow a minimum of 100 spectators to view matches. It is preferable to have two show courts available for use at the host club, but this is not required for a club to be selected. Show courts are reserved for promotion of USA Racquetball sponsors. Other sponsors highlighted on this court must be approved by USA Racquetball.
  6. Courts should be made available to athletes for practice for a minimum of four (4) hours per day for the two (2) days prior to the start of the tournament. Athletes can be required to make reservations.
  7. All courts within the facility must be properly lined and in accordance with the official racquetball court dimensions as established by USA Racquetball.

Number of Clubs/Venues: The maximum number of clubs used at an event is related to the distances from each club and the availability of reliable transportation. USA Racquetball has used as many as four clubs, although that is not preferable. For example, if an event requires 16 courts and the host club has 10 courts, a second and/or third club needs to be identified with a total of at least six courts between them.

The use of any club with fewer than four courts is not preferred. They must also be within a reasonable distance from each other; no more than 15 minutes is preferred. Access using public transportation is also a bonus.

Parking: There must be free parking close to club for participants, USA Racquetball staff, and volunteers.

Site Visit: The host city will be responsible for a site visit for one (1) USA Racquetball staff member to assess the host club(s), lodging selections, transportation, nearby restaurants, activities, etc. USAR may schedule this trip prior to a bid being accepted.

Transportation: Secure transportation for all participants from: - Airport to Hotel / Hotel to Airport (recommended companies are fine as USA Racquetball can negotiate a discount on our own behalf). Hotel to Club/Club to Hotel (at no expense to the participants, if the hotel is not within reasonable walking distance to the club).

Extra Dollars or Grant Funding: Any grant payable to USAR or other monetary or expense reducing support provided to help offset the cost of the event will significantly enhance that city’s bid.

Local Organizing Committee (LOC): The LOC will nearly always be a supporting USA Racquetball State Association. The LOC is paramount in the success of any USA Racquetball National Event and is a valued part of the team. The LOC will assist in getting much-needed volunteers for various set-up tasks, hospitality accommodations, and post-event pack-up. They will also be very important in assisting with local promotion within the racquetball community.

All information on LOCs, venues and other information, canbe accessed here.

Information: Any questions or concerns regarding this agreement or ideas on Sponsorship asks and accompanying commitments by USA Racquetball are welcome and appreciated. Please e-mail Connor Shane, USA Racquetball Director of Events, at

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