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College Gridiron Showcase Announces New Partnership

Oct 25, 2021

e College Gridiron Showcase (CGS) is proud to announce its partnership with the University of Minnesota-based Dexalytics to create and provide NFL teams with a specialized database solution for reporting and analyzing DXA scan results. The partnership comes on the heels of CGS’ partnering with BodyData which will conduct on-site DXA scan testing at the 2022 CGS.  Together, BodyData and Dexalytics will create a first-of-its-kind DXA solution that combines the ease of mobile DXA scanning with the power of the Dexalytics:TEAMS database.

The Dexalytics solution will create player profiles for each scanned CGS participant. These player profiles will include information that can only be gathered from a DXA scan, such as bone mineral density and distribution of lean and fat masses along with performance ratios specific to the Dexalytics software. Additionally, position groupings will be delivered of all scanned players, providing attendees with the ability to organize and target specific players across all positions. This partnership will provide the most comprehensive body composition data currently available anywhere.

This is another example of the ongoing commitment of CGS to identify modern, state-of-the-art solutions based on the best technologies currently available, and bring those solutions to the Showcase.

Dexalytics is based at the University of Minnesota where researchers have a combined 35+ years of experience with DXA and its usability and where the software has been used across several athletic teams over the years.

Since its inaugural event in 2015, more than 500 CGS participants have been offered pro opportunities. At the 2020 College Gridiron Showcase, scouts from 31 of the 32 NFL teams, all nine CFL teams, and other professional leagues were on hand to evaluate and meet with our players. In total, participants had the opportunity to showcase their skills to 150 professional scouts. 

In addition to its on-field aspects,?CGS?also contains a strong professional football education symposium component.? Athletes are provided education through seminars relating to Financial Education, Life as a Professional Athlete, Player Expectations (on and off-field), first-hand accounts from former NFL rookies, social media responsibilities, and more.  For more information on the College Gridiron Showcase and the?CGS?Small School Invitational Showcase, please visit?  

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