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The Worrell 1000 Race Ready to Cast Off

May 05, 2022

Virginia Beach, VA - October, 1974...

At the Worrell Brothers Restaurant and Discotheque (yep - you heard that right - DISCO), the 2 Worrell brothers, Mike and Chris bet each other that they could sail their 16-foot Hobie Catamarans non-stop from VA Beach to Miami, Fl. They tried - Only Mike and his crew Steve McGarrett actually got to Florida 20 days later and NOT to Miami. They made it as far as Ft. Lauderdale. They were battered, exhausted, bruised and dehydrated but Mike, at least, was completely fired-up.

From that moment, Michael Worrell spent the majority of his life making the Worrell 1000 Race the most sought-after long-distance race for daring and capable small-catamaran racers to compete in. And although it hasn’t been run every year since 1976, when it HAS run - the stories and events that took place were EPIC. So much so that it’s been covered by Sports Illustrated, ESPN, The NY Times & The Washington Post - Even National Geographic filmed a documentary on it in 1986.

2022 marks the 22nd running of the Worrell 1000 - 15 teams representing 6 different countries will take to the Atlantic waters - Starting May 9th in Hollywood Florida and ending in VA Beach on May 21st. Many past Worrell champions and competitors are returning including the 2019 Champions, Team Australia, and 6-time Worrell Champion and past Olympian Randy Smyth. All are gunning for a place of honor not only as the Worrell Champion - but to beat the course record of 71 Hours, 32 Minutes and 55 Seconds and be the new recipient of the Ron Anthony Memorial Perpetual Trophy for Course Record.

And NONE of this would be happening if that bar bet at the disco never took place....

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