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News | September 20, 2021
Surfalorus Festival Coming to NC Shores   

Celebrate ten years of the Surfalorus Film Festival during the final weekend of the Eastern Surf Championships, Sept. 22-25, 2021. More>>

Article | September 11, 2021
Get Ready for a National Youth Sports Bill of Rights   

Athletes everywhere are standing up for their rights. From the college level (hello, NIL) to the gymnasts who came to prominence in the Larry Nassar... More>>

Article | September 10, 2021
Spikeball Contributing to the Sports Tourism Bounceback   

Headlines in SDM’s news seem to have a common theme. Spikeball National Tour Comes to Monroe, Washington. Spikeball Tournament Series to Debut in... More>>

News | September 9, 2021
Triathlon Being Welcomed Back to Gulf Shores This Weekend   

Gulf Shores |Orange Beach Sports & Events is welcoming back its famed triathlon. More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
Fluid Dynamics   

Waterfronts across the U.S. are seeing plenty of action ranging from kayaking, rowing and dragon boat racing to waterskiing, triathlon, pro... More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
New Homes for Visiting Teams   

The year 2020 pushed us outside our comfort zone, including making us rethink our choice of locations for events. The good news is that there are... More>>

Article | September 4, 2021
Executive Insights: NJCAA’s Beach Volleyball Program   

Beach volleyball, the fastest-growing discipline of the sport, is exploding at the collegiate level. The NJCAA adopted it as a full-time varsity... More>>

| August 30, 2021
American Sportfishing Association Announces New Staff Member   

Connor Bevan has joined ASA’s Government Affairs staff as the new Inland Fisheries Policy Manger. More>>

News | August 30, 2021
World Surf League Reconfigures Tour for 2021   

The WSL’s cancellation of the 2020 CT and enhancements to the 2021 CT have led to a significant restructuring of the 2021 Tour season.` More>>

Article | August 11, 2021
Which Sports Will be Showcased in Los Angeles in 2028?   

The biggest competition in the U.S. right now isn’t on a field or court or pool; it’s playing out in board rooms, on social media and in... More>>

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