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Varsity Spirit And CaptainU Announce Partnership

8 Jun, 2020

Varsity Spirit, a division of Varsity Brands, announced a partnership with CaptainU, a self-managed recruiting software tool that connects high school athletes and college coaches across the country.

Varsity Spirit has been a steward for cheerleading and dance teams in its 45 years as a company, serving over a million athletes each year through its educational training camps, apparel and accessories, and competitive experiences. With a focus on driving school spirit and building student engagement, Varsity Spirit has a deep commitment to the health and well-being of the young athletes who participate, as well as the opportunities available to them in their lives.

CaptainU takes what can often be a confusing recruiting experience for athletes and makes it easy. With a comprehensive suite of online recruiting tools, CaptainU boosts the athlete’s exposure to college coaches.

Through this partnership, Varsity Spirit athletes will receive a free CaptainU bronze recruiting profile account, which allows them to post skills and highlight videos, store academic information, and search for college coaches to identify the programs that best suit them. Additionally, the CaptainU recruiting ecosystem assists college coaches in managing the recruiting process, identifying talent and building championship teams.

“We are proud to welcome CaptainU as the college recruiting software partner for Varsity Spirit’s cheer and dance athletes,” says John Newby, executive vice president of corporate partnerships. “Like us, they value the athleticism, skill and dedication that go into being an athlete. We have been looking for the right partner in the college recruiting space for some time, and CaptainU’s successful track record of helping over 2 million athletes get recruited to participate at the collegiate level across all sports speaks for itself.”

“We’re excited to partner with Varsity Spirit to provide cheer and dance athletes the resources they need to get recruited and connect with coaches at the collegiate level,” said Tanner Highlen, general manager of CaptainU. “Our mission has always been to assist athletes and college coaches with the recruiting process, and by working together with Varsity Spirit, we have the unique opportunity to create an entire college recruiting ecosystem for spirit athletes and coaches.”

CaptainU joins other Varsity Spirit partners, including Gatorade, Fabletics, BAND, EZ Flex Sports Mats and more.


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