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USA Cheer and TeachAids Partner to Advance Concussion Awareness and Understanding

30 Aug, 2021

We are excited to announce a partnership with TeachAids, an award-winning nonprofit spun out of Stanford University, to enhance concussion education and awareness to the cheerleading and STUNT community!

TeachAids' approach to athlete-focused education has resulted in an educational tool called "CrashCourse", which helps raise awareness about how to recognize a concussion, the potential effects of a concussion, and the benefits of proper management of a concussion. This course is now available on the USA Cheer site!

“Athlete safety is central to everything we do and it’s critical that participants in our sport and their parents and coaches understand what a concussion can look like and how to deal with it,” said USA Cheer Executive Director Lauri Harris. “We’re thrilled to partner with TeachAids to promote effective #concussioneducation for our members and athletes of all ages.”

This course is free to the public and to USA Cheer members. We have integrated this training directly into our athlete membership and we strongly encourage this course for everyone involved in cheer and STUNT!

Information is available here.


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