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FISE Pivots to Offer an Unprecedented 2021 Bidding Opportunity

Destinations Being Given the Chance to Host Hybrid Digital/Physical Multi-Sport Action Event
Aug 01, 2020 | By: Mary Helen Sprecher

Want to jump back into the event hosting marketplace in a BIG way? FISE, the international governing body of action sports, is offering a new hybrid event with virtual games leading to an in-person finale with an enormous media reach. Better yet, it’s taking bids for hosts.

Hurricane Group, an organization working in urban sports development and also as the organizer of the FISE World Series – has helped to develop the new event, which will be known as E-FISE and will be offered “phygitally” (virtually and physically).

The event includes multi-disciplinary competitions on the virtual stage in up to seven sports; presently, these are as follows:

  • BMX
  • Skateboard
  • Roller/Inline Skating
  • Parkour
  • Breaking (also known as breakdancing)
  • Scooter
  • Wakeboard

According to plans, athletes from around the world will be able to compete in these events virtually, by uploading videos of themselves performing their best tricks, free of charge. Some videos may be filmed in potential host cities, driving awareness of the destination and of the sport. Fans will be able to vote for their favorite videos electronically.

Finalists will come together to demonstrate their talents at in-person events held in cities interested in hosting. Categories for competition will be pro, amateur, men and women. During E-FISE, several local activations will be taking place to connect with local clubs and communities and to encourage the youth to take on urban sports.

And that’s where U.S. cities come in. FISE is seeking city partners who want to host either qualifiers or finals for the event. Full information can be found at this link; the document is downloadable for quick reference.

Are you a potential host destination? Click here to register your interest in being one of the exclusive hosts of E-FISE 2021 or to learn more about what is required and the opportunities available.

Some of the integral aspects of the competition will be the involvement of International Federations and partners of each sport. The event is expected to become a three-month-long international “webstival” via an online platform, social media and local activations.

Host cities will be able to gain exposure, shape the future of each sport, engage youth and elevate FISE’s principles of equality, diversity, inclusion and integrity.

Among the requirements for host cities of in-person events will be existing infrastructure for sports events. Cities should be available to host one or several finals, with eight internationally recognized athletes minimum per discipline. The following should be part included in the bid package:

  • Flights and accommodations for athletes and staff
  • Video production
  • Judges, Speaker
  • Other requirements as may be deemed necessary by FISE or offered by the host city

It is estimated that the reach will amount to more than 165 million; equivalent to an entire season of the FISE World Series (which includes the following numbers):

  • 5 World Cups sanctioned by 4 International Federations
  • + 1,000,000 spectators on all stops combined per year
  • +40 nations represented yearly
  • Events organized across 4 continents
  • Engaging 15,000,000 Fans

International governing bodies have given their support to the event. Simon Burney, UCI’s Off-Road Manager, noted, “The E-FISE is a solution to support BMX Freestyle Park and Flatland’ athletes so that they continue to train, in a period where unfortunately physical events cannot take place. They can thus better prepare for future international competitions such as the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.”

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