September/October 2019 | Sports Destination Management

September/October 2019


Sports Destination Management Magazine

September/October 2019

This issue is a testimonial to all that goes on behind the scenes, long before spectators fill the stands and athletes take to the field. And while it all goes under the heading of due diligence, it is made even better by the fact that every single contributor to this issue is sharing ideas born out of their years of experience in the industry. The articles on venue negotiations, transportation, contingency planning and security all represent essential steps event owners must take into account before competitions go on. We invite you to read on, and to learn from their insights.

In this issue

Department of Transportation: Moving Your Athletes Efficiently

BY: Joe Lucci

The world of travel sports turns on the ability to move athletes safely and efficiently from place to place. And whether that means a circulating shuttlebus that runs between the hotel and the tournament venue, or luxury motor coaches to take athletes to a national competition two states over, you need to plan it. Here are some tips to help you. more....