September/October 2019 | Sports Destination Management

September/October 2019


Sports Destination Management Magazine

September/October 2019

This issue is a testimonial to all that goes on behind the scenes, long before spectators fill the stands and athletes take to the field. And while it all goes under the heading of due diligence, it is made even better by the fact that every single contributor to this issue is sharing ideas born out of their years of experience in the industry. The articles on venue negotiations, transportation, contingency planning and security all represent essential steps event owners must take into account before competitions go on. We invite you to read on, and to learn from their insights.

In this issue

Making a Plan B: The Importance of Contingency Planning

BY: Mike Guswiler

We have all been there. A thunderstorm delays an outdoor event. A power outage sends people scrambling. Volunteers don’t show up. Equipment gets stopped at U.S. Customs. With so many logistics needed to put together an event, variables can – and will – go wrong. The key is in taking time to make preparations for the things you can control. more....