November/December 2020 | Sports Destination Management

November/December 2020


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November/December 2020

As we sprint toward the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect – not on the things we can’t do but on the things we have learned to do differently. Not all change is bad, particularly if it brings learning. This issue has examples. From merchandizing to app design, from recurring events to arranging accommodations, much has changed. This issue also helps you keep current on the changes in a variety of sports, including squash, football, rodeo, equestrian, tennis, pickleball and even volleyball. Finish the year strong and get set for 2021.

In this issue

Event Merchandising in the COVID-19 Age

BY: Randy Schreiber

One of the biggest and most well-loved marketing techniques for sports event has long been branded merchandise, from T-shirts to hats to socks and medals. It’s all a way of building pride in participation and in carrying the brand of the event forward. But 2020 has brought some challenges. How are merchandisers responding? Randy Schreiber has details. more....