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November/December 2015
November/December 2015

In this issue of Sports Destination Management, we take an up-close look at the trends that help keep sports current. Learn about the forces shaping volleyball, tennis and equestrian events. There are new developments in each sport, and you’ll read them here first. Our Sports Outlook feature focuses on strength and fitness competitions – and you might be surprised to learn how USA Weightlifting is reaching out to other sports, among them, powerlifting and CrossFit, to gain new participants. US Soccer is riding high this season, but officials aren’t resting on their laurels. There are new initiatives afoot to keep people involved in the game. If hotel negotiations are part of your job, there’s a great feature discussing key points of any contract. In addition, event merchandising has never been a hotter topic, since a good piece of merchandise provides advertising for your event all year long. Making that happen means staying current with the trends, and our article will show you how. Need to learn which apps can help you manage your event and keep it moving at the speed of new technology? That’s in this issue too. And here’s something you won’t want to miss: insights on how to keep an annual event fresh, year after year. There’s also a focus on the Midwest and all the great sports venues there, plus our first ever awards program, Economic Impact in Sports Tourism. The learning starts here. Click and see for yourself.

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Business Development
Want to Keep Your Event Fresh in People’s Minds? Follow the Trends in Merchandise

Event Apps: Enhance, Extend, Excite!

Destination Spotlight
Peoria, Illinois - Will It Play in Peoria? Yes!
Lincoln Emerges as the ‘Big Little City’ That Could
Lawton Fort Sill, Oklahoma: Targeting Sports Excellence

Executive Insights
U.S. Soccer: An Interview with Neil Buethe, Director of Communications

Multi-Sport Multi-Discipline Review
Riding High: The Future of Equestrian Events

Keeping the Magic in Your Sports Event

Regional Focus
Midwest Sports Mania - The Nation’s Midsection Hosts a Lot More than Football — Although There’s Plenty of That, Too

Service Solutions
Negotiating With Hotels: What to Ask

Special Report
2015 Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism

Sports Facilities
Tennis - Hitting a Winner

Sports Landscape
Volleyball Spiking to New Heights

Sports Outlook
The Insider’s View of Strength and Fitness Sports and Competitions - What Keeps Them Strong and Growing


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