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May/June 2024


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May/June 2024 Surfing Cover

Each of our issues celebrates a change of seasons. This one hits mailboxes just as spring is edging into the beautiful golden time of summer, when baseball, softball, fishing and beach volleyball, as well as plenty of other sports (including surfing, featured on our cover), move front and center in our collective consciousness. This issue also arrives as the 2024 Olympics are on final approach to Paris. That makes this summer an all-around great time to be an athlete, a hosting community, an event owner or even a fan. Let’s dive in.

In this issue

Striking the Balance of Connectivity for Event Planners and Attendees

BY: Dr. Bonnie Tiell

It is no secret that event planning has rapidly evolved in the past few years due to the influx of technological advances. There has been an overall increase in the reliance on technology when it comes to mapping out spaces and booking venues and vendors, as well as registering for events. Even the ability to manage events in real time has improved. more....