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May/June 2016


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May/June 2016

Call it the Olympic effect. Everyone is so focused on what is going on in Rio that sports take on even more meaning as we move into the summer. As a result, there are more spectators, more interest and more participants. What can happen? If all goes well, a well-planned, well-executed event gets more attention, the athletes get a visibility boost and the city that hosts it reaps the benefits. Want to put on one of those great events? Start here. We have information on senior games (and seniors are some of the biggest spenders in the sports business), building the athlete relationship, continuing  education for sports event planners and more. Plus, there are specific focuses on triathlons and track & field and equestrian – all the things you’ll see in Rio. But the education doesn’t stop there. We have coverage of fishing and baseball, some of the most well-publicized summer sports you’ll see. There’s also information on the destinations that host these and more, and a great feature highlighting some of the best partners in the business to help you put on an event that not only brings rave reviews but keeps people coming back for more. Start your planning here and now.

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Senior Athletes: Fab, Fit and Fiscally Attractive

BY: Susan Hlavacek

Who’s the fastest-growing and biggest-spending group of athletes around? Seniors, defined as those age 50 and up. They love to travel, love to compete and love to socialize with others in their bracket. Find out from the National Senior Games what it takes to host an event that keeps this group coming back each year. more....