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March/April 2010


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March/April 2010

Recently a colleague of mine attended a national cheer and dance event with his family where his daughter competed. The event, labeled as the "largest cheerleading and dance championship in the world," featured thousands of participants from the U.S. After two days of competition, his daughter's team won the national championship for their division. Upon his return to the office, he gleamed while retelling the story to anyone who listened, talking about his daughter's success, the fun they had, and the friends they made. There is no doubt that his daughter acted the same upon her return to school.

While everyone involved in sporting events is accustomed to this type of reaction, it is important for all of us to remember just what effect events like these have on everyone involved. Whether it is a national competition or local event, every participant and attendee has an investment. While winning is usually the goal, everyone needs to leave the event with that sense of purpose and camaraderie that we glean from time together. That is one of the unique aspects of sport - at all levels.

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