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July/August 2023


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In this issue, we reach midsummer and my favorite time of the year: the opening of awards season. SDM wants its readers to nominate events for the program, Champions of Economic Impact in Sports Tourism. Our industry is a force to be reckoned with, and you have played a role in it, so please take a moment to enter. This industry also showcases lacrosse, running and road sports and combat sports (all three of those have ancient roots) as well as a newer sport with a North American pedigree: cheer, and sports venues made by nature. Happy reading.

In this issue

The Spirit Industry: Off the Sidelines and into the Spotlight

BY: Lauri Harris

Cheer has cemented its place as one of the most popular group sports in the U.S. It remains firmly in the top ten among high school sports, and all-star cheer programs (meaning those not associated with schools) are flourishing as well. Why all this growth, though? Let’s look at some important factors, with insights from USA Cheer’s Lauri Harris. more....