July/August 2019 | Sports Destination Management

July/August 2019


Sports Destination Management Magazine

July/August 2019

The adage is “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” But in sports, with new technologies in sports equipment and playing surfaces, and athletes who push and expand the limits, we see a continued evolution. This issue reviews both traditional sports (running and lacrosse) as well as those that continue to evolve (combat sports, quidditch and cheer). We also have excellent pieces from industry thought leaders with cutting-edge ideas on volunteer management, hotel negotiations, social media marketing and risk management. Get set to learn something new on every page.

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Connecting with Great Partners for Long-Term Success

BY: Mary Helen Sprecher

A destination can have great venues, excellent amenities and wonderful weather but ultimately, it’s the people you’re working with at the CVB or sports commission who make the difference between a nice event and a spectacular one. SDM has compiled a who’s who of the top professionals coast to coast. more....