July/August 2012 | Sports Destination Management

July/August 2012


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July/August 2012

Athletes, in addition to being spokespersons, celebrities and more, have the sometimes difficult job of being role models. It's not always easy, but it can pay dividends by helping to instill good values in the generation coming up through the ranks.


This month’s issue contains a great article on “Engaging the Community in Sports Events,” and I’m pleased to see an emphasis on the positive interaction between athletes and communities. Since our athletes may also be traveling abroad and competing in other countries at some point, it’s essential they be good role models there as well. The article on passports and visas can help organizations have the right paperwork ready when travel time comes.


Naturally, we’re also focusing on some great sports, like volleyball, lacrosse, road races, boxing, wrestling and martial arts. We’ll highlight the Southeast as a destination, examine stay-to-play arrangements, and help people understand what goes into managing a multi-sport NGB. We'll even look for ways to make events more earth-friendly.


With the Olympics on the horizon, let’s get ready to focus on the best of what the sports world has to offer — and never forget that the first steps of good sportsmanship are taken in our own backyards.

In this issue

An Interview with Rob Urbach, CEO - USA Triathlon

BY: Peter Francesconi

The mission is to encourage, support and enhance the multisport experience in the United States. The organization’s vision is to engage every American in the multisport lifestyle. more....