January/February 2022 | Sports Destination Management

January/February 2022


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January/February 2022

What’s your New Year’s resolution? If it involves becoming a stronger, better informed, more productive member of this industry, this issue can help. There are articles on insuring your event (and not falling prey to the problems that often occur), on rebranding (and marketing a new identity) – and on how adaptive sports have evolved (there’s something every event owner can learn here). If you’ve wanted to find a host for basketball, esports or winter sports, we have some great possibilities. Plus, you can catch up with paddle and watercraft sports, as well as with ski mountaineering, a new discipline for the Winter Olympics. Let’s make it a great year together.

In this issue

Blowing 2020 Out of the Water

BY: Chad Hoover

While the pandemic did nobody any favors, it moved a lot of people out of the confines of their homes and offices, and into the outdoors. At Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF), we saw an increase in membership, as well as an increase in participation. Here are some of the trends we noticed, some of the possible reasons for those, and our plans as a result. more....