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Kathleen A. DeMarco

Stringfellow Management Group, Inc.

Kathleen A. DeMarco

Kathleen A. DeMarco is an association executive with Stringfellow Management Group, Inc. with over 25 years of experience in event planning and execution. DeMarco provides event, membership, operations and strategic management services to non-profit organizations, and is responsible for overseeing more than 20 events annually. DeMarco holds a degree in communications and public relations from Temple University, and is a Certified Association Executive (CAE).


Article | July 24, 2017
Warm Southeastern Hospitality   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

The Southeast, known for its hospitality, offers a winning combining of world-class multi-sport and unique venues, family- and budget-friendly...more >>

Article | May 30, 2017
The Mid-Atlantic: Vibrant, Growing and Easily Accessible   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

The Mid-Atlantic’s growth as a sports destination lies in its proactive sports commissions and ‘sports-cation’ destinations that attract teams,...more >>

Article | March 20, 2017
Head for the Mountains   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

Purple mountain majesties, big skies and visitor-friendly venues make the mountain region of the U.S. a natural for sports events. Event owners...more >>

Article | January 30, 2017
The Northeast: Taking the Sports Event World by Storm   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

Nor’easters are those legendary squalls that everyone attributes to this particular segment of the country, but it’s fair to say sports tourism...more >>

Article | November 17, 2016
Sports in America’s Heartland   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

The Midwest is America’s heartland, but there’s more to it than just wide-open space. There are plenty of communities offering venues both...more >>

Article | September 27, 2016
West by Southwest: Great Venues and Agreeable Climates Offer Advantages for Every Sport   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

When regions offer great connectivity and A-plus opportunities for sports, they’re worth checking out. The Southwest and Pacific regions of the...more >>

Article | December 22, 2015
Think Beyond the Like Button: Social Media Strategies for Promoting Sports Events   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

Lots of planners know about social media, but few think beyond posting or past hitting the “Like” button. This article contains solid information...more >>

Article | November 2, 2015
Event Apps: Enhance, Extend, Excite!   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

Flashlights, flight trackers, you name it, there’s an app for it. But how do you harness the power of apps for even better event management? Here...more >>

Article | October 22, 2014
Communicating in a Crisis: Predict, Prepare and Protect   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

If unexpected tragedy or crisis strikes you event, how will you react? Learn how to plan, how to react and how to regroup.

Article | August 26, 2014
In for the Win/Win: How to Negotiate Facility Contracts   

By: Kathleen A. DeMarco

Unlike races, games and matches, negotiations shouldn’t be a win/loss prospect.


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