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Jon Schmieder

Jun 18, 2015

Huddle Up Group LLC

Jon Schmieder

Jon Schmieder is the Founder of the Huddle Up Group LLC, a consortium of three sports related companies led by award winning executives.  Schmieder has 20 years of experience in leading non-profits and sports tourism organizations through strategic growth and increased community collaboration.  Huddle Up Group clients include USA BMX, Detroit Sports Commission, Eugene Cascades & Coast Sports, Connect Sports, Veteran Tickets Foundation, Arizona Football Coaches Association, Evansville Sports Corp, Travel Medford, Des Moines CVB, Las Cruces CVB, Fort Worth CVB, and the Association of Chief Executives of Sport (ACES).  The Huddle Up Group can be reached at or 602.369.6955.  To receive the weekly “Monday Huddle Up” sign up at

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