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Article | August 13, 2021
Up for Bid: Davis Cup Qualifying Tie Event in 2022   

By: SDM Staff

International tennis, anyone? The USTA has announced it is seeking a venue for a potential Davis Cup Qualifying Tie event in early 2022. Interested...more >>

Article | March 25, 2021
NCAA Has RFP for Opening Rounds of Lacrosse and Tennis Championships   

By: SDM Staff

Want to jump back into the bid pool? NCAA has an RFP for preliminary rounds of all championships (Divisions I, II and III) in both tennis and...more >>

Article | November 7, 2020
Open for Business and Up for Bid: USA Triathlon National Championships   

By: SDM Staff

Ready to kick 2020 to the curb? (Honestly, who isn't?) Look to 2023-2024 and check out the RFPs for two of USA Triathlon’s national-level events....more >>

Article | April 9, 2020
Up for Bids and Open for Business: USA BMX   

By: SDM Staff

Need proof the sports industry is continuing to move forward? Here it is: USA BMX has a new RFP for its national events. Learn all about this...more >>

Article | June 12, 2019
Want to Host an NCAA Championship? Start Here   

By: SDM Staff

The NCAA has announced the start of its 2022-26 championship site selection campaign, as well as details for potential host cities. A total of 86...more >>

Article | May 17, 2018
Breaking News: NCAA Announces Support of Federal Ruling on Sports Wagering   

By: SDM Staff

Hot on the heels of the federal court decision to allow sports gambling in all 50 states (subject to each state’s ruling), the NCAA has announced...more >>

Article | September 23, 2015
More Soccer Drama, with USA Unlikely to Host Copa Centenario   

By: SDM Staff

Another day, another drama. Another tournament, another turf war. Sounds like a typical soccer issue ever since the FIFA shakedown started in May. It...more >>

Article | June 17, 2015
U.S. Half Marathon Finishers Top 2 Million for the First Time   

By: SDM Staff

The half marathon, apparently, is the new black. Or the new obstacle race. Whatever it is, it's the very latest, according to industry research. Last...more >>

Article | May 18, 2015
Park Transforms Greens into Green Retreat   

By: SDM Staff

Back in 1960, an 18-hole golf resort called Admiral Lehigh Golf Resort was opened in Florida. Unfortunately, the golf course puttered down, and, for...more >>

Article | March 20, 2015
World Cup Site Up for Grabs, but Balance of Power Has Shifted   

By: SDM Staff

FIFA's executive committee announced it will decide the host of the 2026 World Cup -- the next tournament for which the USA is eligible to bid to...more >>


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